What are the different categories of water Damage?

There are generally three basic categories of water damage. The amount of water on your property will help determine the extent of the damage. Before you think about how to tackle ‘water damage’ (also known as ‘dgts d’eau’ in the French language), let’s first discuss types of water:- 

San Diego Water Damage: Understanding the 3 Categories of Water Damage

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The first category of water is clean water. It does not possess any harm to people. These include water damage caused by the tub overflow, sink, or a device malfunction.

The second category of water is known as gray water. This category includes water that has a significant amount of contamination, which can be physical, chemical and biology. Gray water can cause damage and illness to the people around it.

The third category of water is called black water. This water is not healthy and contains pathogenic agents derived from other contaminated water sources. This can cause illness and discomfort for those who drink it. Blackwater could come from waste and flooding from rivers and streams.

If you see water damage and your home is too damaged to secure then remove valuable items. You can move them to the storage facility or the home of a trusted friend or family member. If your home is secured against intrusion, transferring valuables into a safe and dry place is a perfect decision.