How To Clean Your Commercial Fridge Units

Commercial refrigeration units are an essential part of all food and beverage companies. Therefore, every commercial refrigeration unit must be cared for and properly maintained. One way to care for your commercial refrigerator is to clean it. 

Keeping your commercial refrigerator clean not only extends its life but also improves the health and food safety of your customers, which keeps your business going.

 commercial refrigeration cleaning

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Mold and mildew are pesky fungi, microscopic organisms that live and reproduce in damp places, in this case in the corner of your commercial refrigerator. Storing food in the refrigerator infected with mold is a dangerous threat to your business and the health of your customers. Get rid of this mold and mildew, or better yet, don't let them build up.

Here are the steps for cleaning your commercial refrigeration equipment:

Cleaning the Commercial Refrigerator Step 1: Use a mold and mildew remover

This is very easy. Just prepare a spray bottle, and white wine vinegar, warm water. Mix 1 cup white wine vinegar with 2 cups warm water, then shake it in a spray bottle. Just spray the mixture on the mold and mildew and let it sit for a few minutes.

Cleaning the Commercial Refrigerator Step 2: Prevent Mold and Mold Buildup.

Now is the time to regularly clean and maintain your commercial refrigeration equipment, clean the vinegar mixture at least once a month, then monitor the quality of your food and drinks. Discard it after it breaks.