Important Advancements In Medical Equipment

The physician is just as good as their equipment permits.  Now, new research on health care equipment not only raises the efficacy of healthcare procedures daily but also alters how we think about drugs and health.  Here are some most important and promising improvements in medical devices now. 

Smartphone Ultrasound Imaging: With the assistance of a $100,000 grant from Microsoft, a computer scientist at Washington University includes mixed USB-based ultrasound probe technologies with intelligent mobile technologies. You can get a consultation from the best medical center online at

General Practitioner - suPARnostic by ViroGates

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The outcome is a medical imaging mobile device small enough to fit in the palm of the hand.  Among the aims of the study, the team would be to train men and women in developing nations to utilize a mobile probe to collect confidential information, which may then be delivered to a professional halfway across the globe to learn and fast identify.

New Prostate Treatment Method: Traditional therapy of prostate development entails integrating a metal tool to scrape prostate and malignant cells lining the walls.  At the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, a urologist group has developed a process that's more effective and less invasive, using highly concentrated ultrasound pulses.  

Pulses create microscopic bubbles of gas in penile tissues.  When these bubbles collapse, they launch an acoustic shock wave which, for tens of thousands of repeats, solidify prostate development.  This is actually the first time that the cavitation was controlled well enough to be utilized as a tool at the microscopic level.