Name Badges Boost Customer Service

I agree to wear name badges not only for first-line employees in the public, but for all team members including managers, CEOs, and business owners. There must be a rule for everyone.

Several interesting studies support this. Jonathan Winchester of the secret buying organization Shopper Anonymous conducted research in the UK, Australia and New Zealand based on 116,000 measured shopping efforts. It found that organizations, where employees were "caught" with badges, had 12% higher overall customer service review experience than organizations where none of the employees had the badge.

Isn't that amazing? So, if a customer's perception of the experience can be greatly affected by simply wearing a badge with a name – do it, do it! To hire a professional service of designing custom name badges visit

Name badges are also great for customers, suppliers and anyone involved in an organization. Why?

You will save the unexpected guest from embarrassment if they forget someone's name.

In organisations that do not wear uniforms, name tags help customers distinguish employees from other customers. Confusing customers with employees can be uncomfortable!

When someone finds out your name, you are no longer an "Account" or "Submit", but a real person dealing with a real person. This is customer service, whether internal (with other departments in your organization) or external.

The law of reciprocity: If a customer knows your name, they are more than likely to tell you their name.

Accountability: This shows that you are not hiding behind anonymity. You are responsible for what you do.