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Bollywood, India's biggest film industry continues to be enlivened with news releases, movie reviews, film reviews from critics and experts, film gossip, romantic relationships between leading stars, controversy and personal strife, and the latest fashion trends from female and male superstars. In such a situation, keeping up with the latest developments in Bollywood can be a very challenging task.

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The industry is always full of news about new project launches and new film signings from major industries. If you are a fan, you can't take your eyes off the industry for even a minute. After Big B and Anurag Kashyap bury the axe, the two of them will likely get together for an interesting cinematic film.

The latest information about movie screenings at the box office will help you plan your next move with ease. Barfi has done well based on the positive reviews and recommendations it has received. A site where users can post their opinion on various films and stories will also help you understand what other movie fans think.