Significance of Vancouver Personal Training For Seniors

Seniors or Elderlies are aged from 60 years old and above. Why personal training is important for them? These age groups are highly sensitive in terms of physical health conditions. Most of these populations have health conditions that we must greatly consider. In the fitness industry, this group is under speciality populations.

Speciality populations are individuals who need thorough fitness consultation and of course special training programs. 1 on 1 creative custom training session is provided to them. Cardiovascular, strength and flexibility personal training are designed in accordance with their age, physical health history, strength and weaknesses.

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Why Personal Training is recommended for among-st Seniors?

Of course, the ability to perform a certain workout depends on the clients. If a client is elderly, there are limitations when it comes to their body movement. Oldies have weaker bones compare to younger ones. The immune system especially their heart rate is different from younger people. Therefore, there are workout recommendations that need to be designed for seniors.

Personal Training Recommendations

  • Cardiovascular Training

Seniors have heart problems; therefore, it is required for them to practice moderate aerobic exercises. They should have at least 40% to 60% heart rate reserve HRR. Physical exercise must limit to light to moderate intensity. Vigorous workouts are not allowed to avoid health risks. Personal training for seniors is mixed moderate to vigorous physical activity. In most cases, personal trainers often let clients to aerobic, aquatic and stationary exercises.

  • Strength Training

As we reach 50 years of age, our muscle strength decreases. We have limited strength to do weight or any other lifting workouts. Thus, strength personal training should start in a light average of weights. The repetition will slowly increase when the muscles get stronger. In this type of personal training, senior clients are required to do it only two days per week. The common technique for strength training can be in a progressive manner to enhance their muscle group. Increasing the muscle mass can help the client’s metabolism, bones, sleep patterns and decreases sugar level.

  • Flexibility Training

Most senior clients have balance and motion problems. As we get older, our muscles reduce the joint’s fluidity and ability to move. This is the main reason, why senior have difficulties to walk, run and move at a fast pace. You often see them walking and even run slowly. With flexibility training, it helps them to be flexible. Inflexibility training, a personal trainer often allows the senior client to do some stretching exercises in a daily routine. Personal training is required to be done within days per week.

Personal training certification for senior is another exam category. It is called Seniors Fitness Certification. Every aspirant fitness trainer can take and pass the certification but is only for additional skills. This certification is not highly required; because even without the certification, and a certified personal trainer can train seniors. But of course, for work credentials, this certification gives you bigger job opportunities not only in a fitness centre or gym, but also in senior healthcare facilities.