Paint Protection Film For Your Brand New Car

Nowadays, when cars are getting more and more luxurious and you are spending a lot of money on buying a new car from the factory, you need to think about the safety of your car.

If your car is damaged or scratched, it will cost you a lot of money to repaint the car, which in turn reduces the value of the car and you will lose a lot of money that is of no use to anyone. Car paint protection film is the best solution for you.

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What can you protect with a protective film?

You have an overview, you can protect your whole car or parts of your car. It all depends on your budget and needs.

If you want to cover the entire car, you have to be willing to pay. In a licensed shop, hood alone costs anywhere from $ 250 to $ 400, depending on the shop and the type of protective film you choose. 

How good is the car paint protection film?

Considering this type of protection comes from the military, we can say that it is quite good. The first use of this type of protection dates back to the Vietnam War when American soldiers used a protective film to protect helicopter blades from flying debris and debris.

After protective films continued to develop in the military field, the auto industry took this idea and started developing protective films for car paint to be safer and protected from scratches and damage on the road.