Army Surplus Sleeping Bags – Durable and Functional

When army units have their mission in the rough regions, they are up against a lot of challenges aside from the enemy. When it comes to sleep equipment, the biggest challenge would be to maximize comfort while maintaining it adequately light so a person can carry everything they want on their back. 

Army surplus sleeping bags have an identical demand for soldiers when they can carry all their equipment on their backs, which is why the Army's excess items are so popular. When you're walking several miles in the forest, you have to be prepared for every occasion and make sure that you won't just be missing because you left some things behind to eliminate the excess weight left behind.


If you're in the backwoods and are hit by a peculiar snowstorm or storm throughout the cold season, you want your sleeping bag rated for sub-zero temperatures.  Army Surplus Sleeping Bags are compact and lightweight but offer a higher degree of protection than you'd get using a standard retail sleeping bag, and they're offered in an assortment of styles with a few of the finest accessories.

You may choose from a standard design, and it is also possible to find those which are fully enclosed with a mosquito net. The mosquito net is a convenience for the normal camper but can mean the difference between life or death for a soldier. Sleeping on the ground in all types of tropical or desert environments can expose an individual to all kinds of insects, some of which carry diseases such as malaria and others that may deliver a deadly bite.

Additional sleep-related conveniences that you consider too heavy to include can be seen in the Army's Surplus shop in a very compact format. The army is about efficiency, and that means you understand that any items designed for military use are being well thought out in terms of their functional applications.