Introduction To Smart Packaging

Smart packaging refers to packaging systems with embedded sensor technology used with foods, pharmaceuticals, and many other types of products. It is used to extend shelf life, monitor freshness, display information on quality, and improve product and customer safety.

The main purpose of smart packaging is to protect a product against deteriorative effects caused by exposure to and usage in the external environment.

In addition, product packaging serves as an effective means of marketing to communicate with the consumer. It comes in various shapes and sizes and, as a user interface, provides consumers with both ease of use and convenience.

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The main functions of product packaging have been categorised as follows : Protection, Communication, Convenience, and Containment. 

For example, packaging used in food products usually serves the following purposes :

  • To prevent the product from leaking or breaking, and to protect it against possible contaminations.
  • To communicate important information about the contained food product and its nutritional content and to provide cooking instructions.
  • To provide convenience such as allowing consumers to reheat the contained food in a microwave.
  • To provide containment for ease of transportation and handling.

However, traditional packaging is no longer sufficient due to continuously increasing customer experience expectations and increasing product complexity.

So, invest your money in smart packaging services that will add great value to your investment.