Important Tips For Hydraulic Cylinder Repair In Australia

In this modern world, with all the latest technology in machines, the use of hydraulic cylinders plays a major role in various applications. This system is a simple set of pistons and cylinders that can lift heavy objects. 

Most car parts or heavy machine functions on the hydraulic principle. There are several other mechanisms such as bulldozers, lifts, excavators, and forklifts that use hydraulic cylinders too. You can get hydraulic repair online via

This system is available in various sizes, for example when installed in a car, they are available in small sizes, whereas, in a heavier application such as trucks of trash cans or heavy bulldozers available in larger sizes for smoother maneuvers and easily lifted. 

However, all cylinders share general components, and maintenance procedures. Every time you enjoy some cylindrical repair work, keep your repair tools ready for use. Usually, the tool kit consists of lubrication, a new shaft seal with O-shaped rings, and new cylindrical stems.

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

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How to repair a hydraulic cylinder?

Step 1

Dis-assembly: Remove the cylinder of the machine. Open the cylinder cover using the bolt or screw and remove the piston from the cylinder. Now support the input valve to reduce the pressure and slide the piston shaft towards the outside to release completely.

Step 2

Inspection: This is an important stage of the cylinder Rebuild, where you must do a visual inspection to find out the main problem. 

Step 3

Release Seal: Using a seal kit and re-packaging instruction for your cylinder carefully drive out the old seal of its position and repair the news that is in the old place. In the final stage of this repair, lubricate the seal with the oil and slide the piston gently into the cylinder system. Also, make sure the input valve is loosened for the piston to glide smoothly.