Brief About History Of African Art

The expression African American art is generally used to describe traditional art from the countries in Africa, south of the Sahara desert (Sub-Saharan Africa). 

Rock art was discovered in Nigeria revealing carvings that are 6000 decades old. The earliest surviving textiles back to the first century. The first known sculptures, dating back to between 500 BCE and 500 CE, are those from West Africa. 

There are several popular art galleries like Pace African Art that are famous for their luxury and unique african art sculptures, masks, figures. More and more people are attracted towards african art.

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What African Tribal Art Reveals

Whenever you visit a museum for virtually any occasion, almost all African tribal artwork that you would see may be figurines, masks, and fabrics. Today, we rely on these items to supply us a genuine sense of what the people of Africa were like tens of thousands of years ago.

When we look at the past of  life of humans and find the oldest  fossils and bones are outside of Africa, then in many manners African American history is the basis of humans.

With no art bits, we would not know as much about these civilizations as we understand. In precisely the same way, it's possible to see how our modern day art could be of fantastic importance to the societies who will live 2000 year after on.