Are You Considering An Email Archive Solution On Cloud?

Despite the rapid growth of social media, email is still one of the "de facto" tools for corporate communications. According to the latest research, more than 300 billion emails are sent worldwide almost every day. However, using email is also not without problems. The number of emails that keep growing is usually unstructured and out of control. 

However, they can contain important information about your company and organization. Moreover here's the importance of saving email. Just backing up or saving emails isn't enough, however, because in today's process-friendly world you also need to know the correct method for retaining and storing emails so that you can send them when you need them. 

That's the point when you need Reliable Cloud Email Archiving & Backup Services – MailSafi to address the three major challenges of using email such as storage, regulatory compliance, and internal policy management, without delving into other associated complications and management issues. Maintain an internal email filing system.

Migrating your email archive to the cloud

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Therefore, the email archive is rigorously designed to capture all the activity that makes up each project. In fact, the details presented in a specific thread via email can outline the overall picture of a project from decision making to marketing campaign creation, from developing the design of each particular product to its life cycle. 

Put simply, in many ways, the email archive usually represents the IP of each organization. Of course, these organizations need to be able to make email threads available at all times, which is why a cloud-based email archiving solution is one of the most sought after solutions. To make work easier and more accessible, fast response tools and continuous data availability are key elements of a hosted backup solution.