Plumbing Repairs You Simply Can Not Ingore

Plumbers are often taken for granted until you need one. Have you ever found yourself in need of a plumber, but no one seemed to be available? Take our advice and start finding one you can call anytime the need arises. Here are the most common reasons you will need a plumber in stafford at some point in the future.

Shower Clogs

Whether you're in a home with a new or old shower,  if you experience a clog it can cause major backups and damage to your drain lines. That is why it is important to have a team of qualified plumbing and heating engineers on speed dial in case this problem arises. .

The plumber you choose should understand that with the various different types, makes and models of showers installing it properly is a must. 

Emergency Repairs And Leaks

At one time or another every household has a plumbing emergency. If your plumbing emergency is caught in time, a qualified plumbing and heating engineer can reduce the risk of water damage to your house saving you your well earned money.

Drain Clearing

Cleaning your drains is often put to the bottom of the chore list. It's not a job that many people relish the though of doing, yet if left undone it can lead to the build of a dirty sludge consisting of decaying leaves and mud. This build-up can become very dense and block the flow of water and can eventually damage pipes causing them to burst.

At Bob's Plumbers we offer an expert drain clearing service that ensures your drains become completely free of dirt and that water can travel it freely without any blocks.

Burst Pipes

A burst pipe can release liters of water into your home in minuets causing water damage which can be a real hassle as well as being costly if your furniture gets ruined.

If you currently have a burst pipe it is important to note that to stop the water leaking continuously you should turn your stopcock off immediately and arrange for a plumber to come out to repair your burst pipe.

Following these plumbing tips from Stafford Plumbing Pros can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

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