Looking At Those Business Signs

All of them, at least the really famous ones out there, are not really all that creative or impressive now that we think about it. They are just either one or two colors together, one being a symbol or letters on a background. The point to them nowadays is just to make it as memorable as possible so it can become known. You cannot do remember it much if it had more than a billion colors you know. So they have to make up simplistic designs for business signs in Houston Texas.

If it were us, we could really just put in a white text in a black background but we are sure someone already out there thought of that too. But then again we are not planning on making any new business unless we would finally have the balls to make that cafe we always wanted to make.

It would be all about nerdy culture too, whether you are into gaming, Youtubers, and anime, it would have it all. Manga and books and maybe games and consoles would be available to be borrowed in that cafe while Pewdiepie is being played on a big screen right above the counter.

We would serve both milk tea of every flavor under the sun and coffees and frappes. Of course, since gaming is in this, we also would want to sell energy drinks for those who want to keep gaming in our lovely cafe. And because we are cheesy and lame, we can just name that place AniYou.

Get it? because normally it is aniME and since there is Youtube in this, we would name it AniYou. Get it? okay, you probably get it we are probably just pushing this joke way too much and are now just practically pushing this in your face.

The point is that we want to make this happen when we are actually capable enough to make a business of our own and maybe be talented enough to know how to make coffee, tea and maybe some food just in case our customers get hungry. And because they r allowed to borrow the games, books, and anime, of course, the drinks will be expensive, just slightly so.

We would not be getting anywhere in the business life if w make it as free and cheap as possible. Even if we really would just do that for our fellow nerds. But there will undoubtedly be no business left if we do that and we DO want money after all.

Now, about the sign or logo, we cannot help but want it to be in black and white only to show the manga side of this place. Is it a bad idea? Too lame and uncreative? Well, who cares, we are not really all that good with coming up a business this is more or less a wish-fulfillment thing for us really.

Would it not be so cool though? In South Korea, we know there is a place like that minus the gaming part. There are even booths in it that you can just lay down in or dine in while you read or relax with your friends.

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