How Solar Hot Water Works?

Today, residential solar in Arizona is available to everybody and does not require sophisticated and complicated delivery systems. In actuality, energy in the form of sunlight strikes the roof of a regular home more than the homeowners may use.

Solar hot water in Arizona, also known as”solar thermal,” collects, stores and uses the sun’s heat to create hot water. With the ideal system and configuration, it is possible to catch the sun’s energy to produce enough hot water to serve your family’s needs.

Most utility companies have applications for residential solar in Arizona that encourage customers to install solar hot water systems in their houses. A qualified solar contractor can help you leverage these programs and prepare you to reap the advantages solar hot water offers.

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Calculating Solar Hot Water Usage

The guideline for hot water use in the U.S. is typically 20 gallons per person daily. Solar contractors typically size the water tank to accommodate the daily average household consumption. Thus, you can figure a family of four could use an 80-gallon hot water tank based on an average of 20 gallons per person.

However, the true size calculation depends upon incoming water temperature, hot water temperature settings, actual use and the level of your solar system. Some solar contractors estimate that these systems will provide about 100 percent of your hot water demands in summer and about 60-75 percent year round.

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