Uses Of Stainless Steel Pipe

One for stainless steel caps processing methods and apparatus, is the raw material for processing stainless steel pipe casing by cutting, bothering extrusion, blanking, forming, tapping the technologies into a single device, using properties of these materials in shear, upsetting extrusion, blanking, Forming, tapping the body in a straight line back and forth via the rapid prototyping apparatus.

To complete the processing of stainless steel capillary pipe cap, which not only conserves raw materials brought on by machining and relevant knife to the fixture but also shortens the stainless steel pipe cap growth work cycle and quality cycles, while enhancing productivity.

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Stainless steel pipe cap parameters:
Stainless steel capillary pipe: 304 304L 316 316L 321
Diameter: DN15-DN1200
Thickness: SCH5-SCH160
Software: water, beverages, beer, food, petrochemical, nuclear power, machines, medical equipment, compost, shipbuilding, water treatment, pipeline, etc..
Packaging: wooden box, carton services: providing technical advice, advice, and setup.

After the seam stitching requirements allow only a radial direction and circumferential direction. Following the big caps may cancel this petition. Stainless steel pipe cap of the splicing of this space should be required for over 3δ, and not less than 100mm (heat affected zone is a high-stress region, and also the chemical composition in the region will be burnt. Therefore, to prevent high-stress area, the area with the thickness.

According to practical experience, the stress decay length is higher than 3δ, and not less than 100mm). However, the refrigeration equipment is hard to meet this condition, there are special.

Stainless steel capillary pipe cap parameters:
Layout Standard: GB, DIN, Japanese standard, American standard
Use of material: 304,304 L, 316,316 L 321 2520
Size range: 15-900mm
Pressure range: 5s-120s
Nominal diameter: 1-10 (mm)
Thickness:1-100 (mm)
Substance: 304.316
Materials: stainless steel pipe 304,304 L, 316,316 L, 310,317,321 and other substances.

Using stainless steel pipe cap: welded pipe finish or within a pipe thread on the outer side to cover plugging the tube fittings. Pipeline to be shut, blocking the identical role with the direction.

1. Health, drug-free, this item is a green building material, can be used for the pure drinking water pipeline system.
2. Heat, in the supply of long-term constant working pressure, piped water temperature can reach 95 ┃.
3. Stainless steel capillary pipe using corrosion-resistant cap, without fouling, can prevent the scale buildup in pipes and basins, bathtubs fear for macular rust.
4. Thermal energy, thermal conductivity is simply metal.

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