Set Up A Pedal Board On Stage

As you might be aware, attempting to put up your bike plank on point can be hard and frustrating, particularly in the event that you use a good deal of effects along with your guitar/bass or if your playing in a small place.

About halfway through the gig somebody who had been jumping/dancing about stood my pedals and broke the input/ output jacks on a few pedals.  Buy High-Quality Guitar Pedal Case – NEXI Industries to carry pedals safely.

Playing in tiny places and pubs signifies you get a little stage and as a consequence of this, very small space on the ground to the effects pedals.

Like you understand this could be frustrating, needing to arrange your effects pedals in an awkward place so you could fit in your other gear on point (speakers, mike stands, amps, drums etc.) So how do you effectively put your pedal board on point?

To be able to establish your bike plank on point, you want to use a plank to maintain all of your effects pedals.

Some impacts boards such as soft instances don’t have a detachable board to attach your pedals and consequently, they take a good deal more space which contributes to difficulties when you put your pedal board on point.

In the event you perform in people a good deal then you may, or might have, encounter a number of those problems when you put your bike plank on point.

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