Simple RV Floor Repairs

Ever walked through your San Diego RV rental and discovered that a soft place in the ground? This may indicate a variety of problems, but most probably, that is an indication of wood rot from the floorboards.

Moisture and foot traffic absorbs on the floor as time passes, therefore it is important to look closely at harm until it becomes a large problem.

If you are diligent, you are going to catch modest quantities of wood rot or surface material damage early enough to correct it, and this manual explains how to create a few of those tiny repairs.

The extent of the Damage

The best way to work out if you require easy patchwork or a tiled floor would be to evaluate the degree of the harm.

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You probably detect it for the very first time when you are feeling a tender place in the surface stuff, which means you, will want to pull the carpeting, linoleum, or plastic to expose the floorboards.

Then have a sharp tool, like a hammer or knife, and poke in the planks. If they are sturdy, they are fine. In cases like this, the harm probably lies at the surface stuff, which can be more affordable and easier to replace.

Simple Fixes

To repair the tiny damages, you will just have to cut the damaged timber and then replace it. Use a reciprocating saw to eliminate the weak components, ensuring you fully eliminate the rotting wood.

Additionally, support this patch using a cross bit so the brand new flooring has firmness. Ensure that you treat the patch and mix piece with epoxy resin to safeguard against additional water damage.

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