Wine Cellar Temperature And Humidity

The perfect humidity and temperature of almost any wine cellar would be wise to mimic the normal requirements of France’s legendary wine caves that can be recognized to be near ideal.

Maintaining the rest of the planet’s cellars at the exact same 55-57 degrees Fahrenheit (14 degrees C) and having a mean of 60% relative humidity normally requires some kind of committed wine cooling system.

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Understanding Temperature

55- 57 degrees F (14 degrees C) is regarded as the perfect temperature for preserving and correctly aging wine. In the event the temperature always transforms up or down a number of levels, your wines will be endangered and might age prematurely.

Some cooling components are controlled with an in-bottle liquid heating apparatus, which indicates the unit to correct as it senses a change of 2 to 4 levels of temperature in liquid. You can visit for wine cellar cooling.

What’s Humidity Important?

Humidity is an important feature frequently overlooked in wine cellar layout. 50% – 70 percent is known as satisfactory, with 60 percent the perfect.

Once the humidity is greater than 70 percent, it will probably bring about erosion and mold of these labels and paste.

Once the humidity is below 50 percent, corks will start to dry out leading to a reduction of liquid from the bottles and potential degradation of this wine.

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