Buying A Good Cigar Humidor

Humidors come in all shapes and sizes nowadays. Many humidors include a potential count, but it is essential to be aware that these abilities are based on the size of a tiny Cuban corona.

Since cigars are available in many sizes, a fantastic guideline would be to presume that the humidor will maintain 20 percent fewer cigars compared to its recorded capacity. You can visit for high-quality humidors.

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Let us examine options for purchasing a new cigar humidor…

Little Humidors:

Little humidors are fantastic for anybody who is just looking, to begin with, cigars. These humidors typically match between 25-50 cigars based on the cigar dimensions.

Medium Humidors:

Often times you are likely to wind up needing to hold over simply 25 cigars. That is when it is time to put money into a moderately sized humidor. These humidors match between 50 and 150 cigars.

The significant difference between a little humidor and a moderately sized humidor is the moderate humidors usually have a removable tray.

Big Humidors:

So you have officially come to terms with the reality that you are obsessed with all the cigar hobby? Welcome to the club, my friend.

The majority of these humidors are in fact made to be trendy furniture. If you are not seeking to buy something this big, but would nevertheless like to hold over 150 cigars, jump to another section on cigar fridges.

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