Brilliant Bracelets For Every Day Wear

Nothing sets your personality better than a necklace. It is that additional bit of jewelry which demonstrates you care about your look. And while they’re beautiful, they’re also able to have a beating as you use your arms through the day. So you have to discover zen bracelets which could reflect your personality and hold up to everyday wear.

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925 Fusion

In contact with the hottest trends, 925 Fusion jewelry appears high end but is rather affordable because of the way in which the business creates its unique pieces of jewelry. Its bracelets are shaped of 18 karat gold or platinum plating over sterling silver.

Dazzling is the only way to describe that the 925 Fusion four-row Byzantine bracelet. Four spans of Byzantine series are connected together to form one abundant bracelet. Each link is 18 karat gold plated over sterling silver. It comes in seven1/2-inch or 8-inch lengths. It also is procured by a strong magnetic grip.


You may know a Belita necklace by its own fabulous sparkles, made by the nice mimicked Brilliante diamonds. The “Platinum Embraced” set is really silver plated over sterling silver. Blend that end using Brilliante diamonds and you’ve got the making of some gorgeous jewelry.

The Channel Set Tennis Bracelet is a timeless layout translated by Belita. It’s a single length of princess cut 3-millimeter Brilliante simulated diamonds in channel settings. It comes in 61/2-, 71/4- and – 8-inch lengths, together with the number of simulated diamonds changing by span.

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