Sterilization For Birth Control

Sterilization as a method of contraception was practiced for quite a while.  After studying that castrating animals averted pregnancy, ancient Chinese physicians did the exact same thing to men and women were powerful in their efforts. Essure lawsuit is warning the common people about the birth control devices which may not be that beneficial to them.

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From the 20th century, physicians turned into X-rays as a way of sterilizing both women and men.  This was later abandoned as a result of radiation’s harmful effects and the chance of contracting cancer.

Nowadays, sterilization is accomplished via vasectomy for men or tubal ligation for women.  Both are deemed non-reversible methods of contraception.  Of both, tubal ligation is much more popular but vasectomy seems to be picking up.

Vasectomy was created from the early 1900s and is among the very few birth control methods for men.  It takes just 20 minutes along with the stitches usually dissolve in seven to ten days.  Strenuous activity ought to be avoided for another 48 hours while gender may be resumed in a week given there isn’t any distress.

But things were different before.  There has been a time when interest in vasectomy diminished since it had been considered to lead to severe health issues.  Historical reports in 1977 and 1978 blamed vasectomy for a plethora of ailments which range from arthritis to heart disease.  Subsequent studies have shown those claims.

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