How to Get the Precise Eyebrow Shape

Getting the precise eyebrow shape isn’t as simple as tweezing them into a style or shape that you want. If you get an eyebrow form that you like on someone else and try to replica it for yourself, it could end up observing very unnatural and weird.  You can also look for microblading training center by clicking right over here.

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Your eyebrows have a natural arch to those who should not be messed with.  To find the best possible outcomes, use your normal arch and tweeze good looking curls by completing these steps.

To Acquire the Right eyebrow shape you may need:

Great Tweezers



Eyebrow Brush

Brush your eyebrows. You wish to brush them to make certain each of the hairs are right.  This will also allow you to observe the natural arch you have on your eyebrows.

Line a lengthy pencil in the outer border of your nose into your eye. You need to be certain the pen goes against the outer border of your nose through the corner of your eye and upward beyond your eyebrows.

Line a pencil in the outer border of your nose into the arch of the forehead. You would like to line up the pencil to the maximum stage from the arch making certain the pen also goes directly throughout your student.

Line a pencil in the outer border of the nose into the outer corner of the eye.  Keep the pen directly and tweeze each the hairs on the outer border of the pen.

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