6 Types Of Photo Booth You Can Hire

Winter has arrived and we all know it is the time for celebration. Festive vibes surround the cities and people are busy preparing for the parties and gathering. Photobooth is one such thing that make parties lively. Here are some of the types of photobooth one can hire:

Green Screen Photobooth

Green screen photobooth is everything. You don’t have to go anywhere but still be everywhere. Photobooth rental companies generally have one of it. Just simply stand in front of a green screen and add variety of graphics and backgrounds via CGI .This photo booth uses technology to its favour and lets you move to places across the world without even bothering leave your town.

Hand drawn Photo Booth

This is widely popular. Basic yet interactive one, this substantiates your desire to have a sketch of your own. Hand drawn photo booth requires people to stand in front of the camera and computer will draw a sketch of you or the group. This gives it a hand made sketch look and looks appealing.

360 Degree Photo Booth

If you are having a good time at some exotic location in some parts of Sydney or wherever, consider having a 360 degree photobooth Sydney hired that lets you capture pictures in panoramic view.

Old School Photobooth

This is for the people who like it all classic. Old school photobooth is kind of a theme based photo booth that uses old school and retro elements as its prop. This is best when you are throwing theme parties. You add up to the appeal using vibrant clothes, baggy pants, shiny jackets and crazy moustaches and what not.

GIF Photo Booth

GIF photo booth is a new innovation. It takes quick bursts of photos and automatically string them into one in such a way that it looks like your movements are captured.  

Slow Mo video Photobooth

Slow motion video booths are interesting in its on way. You get to make silly videos out of it and have fun. Slow Mo booths captures you and your guests in a considerably slow speed that makes it look like not so normal

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