Bathroom Furniture – Fitting a Mirrored Cabinet

This piece of furniture was an item used by the upper class to add an element of civility to a room but over the years the usefulness and the decorative ability of the dressing table mirror has found a new group of people to enjoy using it. No longer is it necessary to be of wealth or great stature to own this lovely piece of furniture. You can browse stunning range of mirrored furniture in Sydney from the popular stores.

Consider where you would like the cabinet to be situated.  Above the container is a favorite spot, if you have opted for bathroom furniture using a mirrored door; above the bathroom is another place where you can take benefit of otherwise wasted partitions.  Think about that will use the cabinet (of course when there aren’t any kids whose access you want to limit) when deciding on the best location and height for the cabinet.

The first stage is measuring.  This stage is critical to your ultimate achievement: in the event that you don’t measure accurately, you might need to drill more than once, and you could also find that your cabinet, once secured onto the walls, will not hang quite straight.  So measure, then double check your own measurements.


Hold, or ask a helper to keep the cupboard in its correct place on the walls.   This line is going to be hidden from sight once the cabinet is in place, if you’re matching the restroom furniture so that its top is above eye level.

Measure from the top of the cabinet down to the repairing holes.  If your cabinet hasn’t been supplied filled with pre-drilled fixing holes, you’ll need to drill these yourself, reinforcing the cabinet if required to be certain the holes don’t split up with the burden of both cabinet and materials once the cabinet is fixed in place; most store-bought bathroom furniture is supplied pre-drilled to make fitting simpler for the customer, nevertheless.

Measure the exact distance between fixing holes, too.  Each of your dimensions needs to take the middle of the fixing hole (perhaps not the border) as the point to which you measure.

If your bathroom wall is tiled, you’ll need to be extra careful as you drill the holes to fix your bathroom furniture to the wall. Your drill bit needs to be strong: either a carbide tipped masonry drill bit or a diamond tipped drill bit will be most suitable for tile.

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