Computer Cables For Different Operations

Straight Through Cables

All these are typically employed for a serial to serial connection. Before the times of media, it was the greatest ways to connect computers together and can be still used on Unix machines as a primary way of linking to the console. You can buy USB to Serial cable online with its specifications and at a reasonable price.

usb to serial cable

ADSL and Modem Cables

The modem cable joins the telephone socket to some modem or router. The socket for connection to the modem or router is known as an RJ11 cable, which is the American telephone standard. You’ll find two types of modem cable, yet being the standard phone cable being used by BT and other telephone suppliers. The other type being a Cat5e cable protected to allow faster connection for fast broadband lines.

Null Modem Cables

These allow two machines to talk to each other directly through their serial (RS 232) ports. The null modem cables are also helpful for allowing portable computers to attach to larger systems.

Firewire Cables

Firewire is the next measure from USB cables commonly used in digital cameras, phones and laptops etc.. The newest firewire cables currently reach rates of 800MBps. Additionally, they give serial ATA a run for the money as lots of hard disk drive caddies now are firewire compliant.

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