Teach English Pronunciation By Using Phonemes and Games

Good pronunciation is often overlooked in the language teaching field. English textbooks and instruction manuals barely touch on the subject.

Yet proper pronunciation is a major part of learning the English language! A number of words with similar sounds but entirely distinct meanings could cause much confusion when correct pronunciation is not taught.

Wrong Approaches to teaching pronunciation

Teaching pronunciation alongside the introduction of language is a common mistake. Auditory learners and EFL students who speak a related language may be able to pick up pronunciation readily with this procedure, but those with a markedly different mother tongue will battle.

Learning pronunciation

Learning pronunciation by drill is another popular method, also can be effective for some Рespecially when combined with the analysis of the inconsistent patterns of English spelling. Handicaps, however, still apply to your students. Browse online websites If you will need to make a profit or get favorable results from TEFL Certification Program.

Measure one – Introducing phonemes

The phoneme is the 1 sound which makes the distinct difference between similar words. For instance, in the ‘at’ family of words (cat, fat, mat, sat) the phoneme is the beginning letter (/c/, /f/, /m/, /s/). Using phonemes to teach pronunciation focuses on those distinct units of sound. The best way to start is by having students listen to and identify these differential sounds.

Practicing phonemes

Once students have grasped the concept of and can identify phonemes, they will have to practice making the sounds correctly. This is where pronunciation diagrams can be helpful. Many sounds such as ‘r’ and soft ‘g’ are articulated within the mouth and they can be frustrating for students to try and duplicate.

Word pronunciation

When teaching on the phoneme level, we take noises and make them significant. When we work on pronunciation at the level of conversational dialogue, a new set of obstacles appears.

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