Public Speaking Training Can Really Help Your Business

Can the public speaking training at Toastmasters help prepare individuals for sales careers? As a former national sales manager in the pharmaceutical industry and having been exposed to the Toastmasters program as a member, my opinion would be yes.

Many those who want to go after pharmaceutical sales or other sales employment opportunities have no preceding experience in offering. This insufficient experience often leads to candidates not attaining even the interview level with companies as much sales professionals and employers do not work with people who haven’t experienced sales before. However, this is not always the situation.

Persuasive speaking is the type of speaking that most people engage in the most. So it’s important that you should be a persuasive public speaker to increase your personal influence to get people to see your point of view.

Many successful pharmaceutical sales staff possessed zero sales experience before getting their first careers in this field. I understand representatives who originated from past non-sales employment opportunities such as journalism, laboratory work and medical. Some even came up right out of school or college or university. What each of them had in keeping were excellent marketing communications skills which made up for having less real sales backgrounds.


If someone has above average marketing communications skills and the right aptitude for a sales job, they might be successfully been trained in providing techniques by companies. Most companies with sales pushes will have sales training departments internally or usage of good professional training programs externally whatever industry they may be in.

To be able to successfully contend with others who curently have some sales experience, one must strengthen his / her marketing communications skills, especially with dental presentations before people. In the end, sales jobs entail this kind of activity whether to 1 customer at the same time or to a whole group. That’s where Toastmasters can part of to help.

Finally, there’s the whole debate of whether to use notes or not. I do, but in limitation. I use headlines to remind me of where I’m supposed to be in the presentation. I glance at the headlines every once in a while just to jog my memory about the topic at hand. Never, write your speech out word for word.

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