How to Find the Best Drinking Water Filter?

Faced with the large varieties of home drinking water filters, it seems like an overwhelming task to choose which one filter is best for “me and my family”.


There many distinct approaches to filtering, each with its pros and cons, but there are also numerous diverse models within each category. If we take just the category of carbon filters, as an instance, there are some 2,500 models of filters manufactured by over 500 companies.

Ways For Finding A Filter

My purpose in this guide is to begin to solve the puzzle for you and suggest a way to proceed in finding the 1 filter that will best serve you and your loved ones. By reading this blog you will begin to clarify your doctrine of drinking water.

You will understand the major approaches to filtering drinking water. Finally, you will get a clearer idea of what your specific needs are in the filtered water. Browse online websites If you will need to make a profit or get favorable results from your Water Filter [Mainline Filter](which is also known as “ฟิลเตอร์ดักน้ำ [ Mainline Filter ]” in Thai language )

What’s Your Philosophy of Drinking Water?

There are three basic philosophies that people have when they approach the question of drinking water, drinking water filters, and the level of purity that they desire.

The first approach says, “Our tap water is essentially safe. All I need in a filter is something that will improve the flavor, odor, and color of my drinking water.” If this is your approach, you will probably require a pitcher filter, even if there are one or two individuals in your household or a faucet filter for a larger household. Both of these solutions are relatively inexpensive.

The second class of people may say, “I want to know specifically what are the contaminants I want to be concerned about, or I already know I’m concerned about this, this, and this contaminant.” If this is the approach to drinking water contamination, you will do research to identify the contaminants that exceed the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) standard or maybe you conduct water tests of your own and identify other pollutants of concern. Then you are going to look for a filter which removes these particular contaminants.

The third group of people may say, “I want a filter that removes 99.9% of as many contaminants as possible. In this way, I understand that I am covered for whatever comes down the pipe!” If that is your approach, you are searching for a filter that will filter down to 0.5 microns and is certified to remove the widest range of all contaminants possible.


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