Working In Bangkok – An Essential Guide

Bangkok has been named the third best city to go to by Travel & Leisure magazine recently. It has lots of first-class hotels to accommodate people from overseas for both pleasure and work. You’ll find traditional culture coexist with Western culture in harmony.

There are lots of amenities to make all traffic at home from high-speed Internet to convenient

Skies and underground transit systems those are metropolitan. You’ll find everything you want to eat, from an Italian bistro to a big seafood restaurant that is super. To top it all off, you get all these items at a very reasonable price. Are you looking for a job in Bangkok? Then there is one reference

I immigrated to the US about 40 years ago; our family settled in Brooklyn, New York. I had worked in New York Upstate for a while and graduated from Pratt Institute in the late 70’s. You’re lucky if you’ve been moved to Bangkok. Most expatriates here would love to continue working and living in Bangkok rather than getting the transfer to any place.

It’s essential for anybody doing business in Bangkok, especially an overseas national, to have contacts in different government organizations. They can help you cut through the red tape, give you guidance on how to reduce official obstacles, and help you with the documentary supplies needed to get permits and other government papers.

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