Leprosy – Frequently Asked Questions

The statistics show that the Leprosy is far from the case, although many people think that it’s a disorder from Bible times. In an effort here are some.

Some frequently asked questions about leprosy:

1. What is leprosy?

Leprosy is an infectious disease caused by a germ called Mycobacterium leprae. It was initially described as this in 1873 by Dr. Hansen. For more information about leprosy and its treatment, you can visit

2. Today, many people suffer from leprosy?

This is an issue of some disagreement, and a figure of 4 million is perhaps the best estimate. Over 400,000 people are diagnosed with leprosy.

3. What are the early signs of leprosy?

The first sign of leprosy is a pale patch on the skin. Since the germ destroys nerve endings this patch will not have any feeling.

4. How is leprosy caught?

It is widely recognized that leprosy is caught through air bourn germs, such as the cold. This, however, hasn’t been scientifically proven. Leprosy is not hereditary.

5. Can leprosy be treated?

Yes, most of us have a natural immunity that combats the bacteria without human intervention. For those without this immunity, the illness will be cured by a combination of antibiotics. These drugs take 6 months to heal leprosy, but in severe cases can take as many as 2 decades.

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