Rear View Wireless Camera System Installation Guide

You can easily install a wireless camera system on rear license plate mounting holes. As compare to hard wire rear view camera it is much easier to install a wireless rear view camera system because you need not to adjust video cables from the rear of your car to the cabin. Nowadays, rear view cameras become more popular safety feature in vehicles.

The tools you need to install a rear view wireless systems are a blade or screwdriver, tape, a drill driver, wiring connection, and 12v power plug. Each wireless has three core parts a camera, video display and a transmitter. Firstly remove the screws from license plate and mount the camera over there. It is easy to install the display. You can mount display on dashboard or on windshield.

If you want to hide the wiring then you can run the power cord into the headliner either directly to the vehicle wiring or to the nearest 12v Plug. For testing the devise, turn the car in reverse gear and camera will start automatically and display what is going behind you.

Because of these features of wireless rear view camera it is getting popular day by day. You can easily find a wireless rear view camera at affordable price from online market.

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