Should You Telework/Telecommute

"WOW! Can I work from home and earn money? I can be seated around in my own PJ's and work whenever I'd like? How great, I wish to be considered a Teleworker!"

There is much more to being a teleworker then employed in your PJ's or working when you want to. Yes, those are nice advantages to teleworking, but you would be surprised by how much work goes into working home. To get more information regarding telework you can also visit

When I first began teleworking years back I thought, "How hard could this be?" well was I in for a surprise! I came across I wasn't as determined when I thought I would be. It had been really hard for me personally to get right up promptly, get something to eat, and go to my "office" to start my day. 

After a couple of months of teleworking, speaking with other teleworkers and simply adjusting to the new way of working everything became easier. I came across that it was very satisfying to be at home and become earning money. It was nice to start out my day when I wanted. You can also navigate to this site and get more information regarding the same.

Consider these questions before you start teleworking.

  • Am I targeted?
  • What skills or experience do I've and can they work in a teleworking environment?
  • Do I have a location for an office and equipment?
  • Am I encouraged or should I get frustrated and give up?
  • Can I work without guidance?
  • Can I control my time well?
  • Do I listen to instructions and may I follow them easily?
  • Can I meet deadlines?
  • Do I've strong communication skills?
  • Do I have a strong work ethic?

Often when hired on to work at home based, you won't have enough time or work to produce a full time income. You need to obtain more the other job or work the main one you have long enough to prove you're a good employee so they give you more work. 

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