All about Immigration Law Regulations


Immigrants are people who live in different countries In simpler words, these are people who get shifted from their native countries or where they are born to a different country. There is ample no. of reasons for shifting from your country to a foreign one:

  • Due to the poor economic conditions of a certain country.
  • Better job and career opportunities in other countries.
  • For the sake of education.
  • Their spouse lives in a different country.

 Need for implementing immigration laws

Every citizen in a country wants to feel secure in their country, so imposing immigration Laws will help in a proper security of the country. There are crimes rising across the globe, so to prevent the natives of that country, laws need to be reinforced. If you have queries regarding immigration law you can contact with Amity Law Group, LLP & Estate Planning, Employment, Business, Litigation, Immigration & Los Angeles through the web.  The major concern is the spread of different communicable diseases, as we observe that when we apply for a visa of any country we have to qualify the medical test so that the country’s citizens do not get affected by any disease.

 Pros and cons of immigration laws

There are certain pros and cons regarding immigration laws:

 Merits of imposing immigration laws:

1. High living standard

2. Economic status of the country will get improved.

3. Individual’s own growth factors are increased.

4. Provide a better platform for a professional career.

De-Merits of Immigration laws:

1. Resources get divided.

2. Sometimes there are no jobs available.

3. Crime related issues get increased.

4. Sometimes the immigrant might be not fluent in English, so it is a major concern.

Criteria for issuing visa

Visas are categorized as immigrant or non-immigrant visas.

  • Immigrant visas are issued to the individuals who shift from their native country to another country permanently. If you are keen to learn more about this process of visa, you can hope over to official website.
  • Non-Immigrant visas are issued to the individuals who come to a foreign country for business purpose, for the sake of tourism, medical issues etc.

These types of visas are valid for a short span of time. The non-immigrants should follow all the rules and regulations of a certain country.

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