Sensory Integration Dysfunction and the Benefits of Taekwondo

The truth is that it started as a way to keep the 5-year-old little brother associate involved between the start of big sister's dance class and the end of her session.

Because the front door of the TKD workshop was actually four doors down from the front door of the dance workroom it seemed like a good enough idea. We had no clue at the time that it would finish up being the very best thing we could ever have done for our son. For more information about martial arts you can go through at



Each child grows in a unique pace, as any parent knows and all kids face their particular unique problems. Some 5-year olds can study but can't reach on a ball off the "T" to save themselves. Others could currently drive a cycle without training wheels but might not yet realize their colors.

Do you know what I am talking about. Being a guardian, the obstacle and the hope would be to coax development in the regions that are currently lacking so as to provide them with every edge.

Ron's special concern was bodily which can be now hard to think once you see him execute a 360 angle stop. By this I mean that he literally had no idea where his body had little control of it and was.

Later we realized the term for this can be Sensory Integration Dysfunction. Contributing to it was another situation called Strabismus that will be typically referred to as "lazy-eye" that he ultimately had eye surgery. You can read my blog to know more about martial arts by clicking here.

When he was only a little guy and I got my final hug good night I routinely held-up my arm in a blocking control to guard myself in the headbutt which was confident to come because he was unable to properly determine just how much drive was needed to transfer his body a given distance.

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