What is Voluntary Disclosure Program?


Disclosure is the act of releasing all applicable information pertaining to a business that may influence an investment decision. A program whereby taxpayers can receive particular benefits from disclosing prior period tax liabilities in accordance with a binding agreement.

To be listed on important U.S. stock exchanges, businesses must follow all of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s disclosure requirements and regulations. The voluntary disclosure functions as an effective method for communication interest-connected parties and describing the corporate prospect.You may visit https://www.canadiantaxamnesty.ca/ for further assistance on voluntary disclosure program.

It's significant for improving the protection for investors’ interests and perfecting companies’ governance structure that is listed. The competent entities, capable shareholders, or beneficiaries that choose to participate in the Voluntary Disclosure Program are required to disclose their tax liability only for the preceding six.To qualify for full voluntary disclosure gains a company must have:

  • Never reported taxes to the Department or registered
  • Never been contacted by the Department for enforcement purposes (e.g., audit or compliance contacts regarding registration or reporting requirements) and
  • Not engaged in evasion or misrepresentation in reporting tax liabilities.

One of main aims of voluntary disclosure is to better convey firm's value to its prospective investors. As more information is available, the can be easier recognized by investors value and predict future performance lowering the danger of the investment. Voluntary disclosure aims to improve the fluidity of shove and capital market.

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