Why choose a midwife?

Healthier pregnancies

The Cochrane Library reports that studies have shown that healthy women with normal pregnancies typically experience the same excellent outcomes using a midwife as they do with an OB.

 Women who use midwifery services throughout pregnancy have decreased risks of pre-term birth and infant mortality, and are often happier with their pregnancy and childbirth experience. To get best deals for midwife services is you can visit at http://www.lamidwifecollective.com/.



Prenatal care

The Midwives’ Model of Care includes monitoring your physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual well-being during pregnancy. Additionally, they provide more focused education, counseling and postpartum support, says the American Pregnancy Association.

Alternative birthing

Midwives are committed to assisting women in achieving their ideal birth experience. According to the ACNM, the benefits of receiving midwifery care include fewer interventions like labor inductions, episiotomies and cesarean sections.


Medical emergencies can and do happen, even with in the healthiest pregnancies. Midwives are trained to identify these complications and refer you to an OB if your pregnancy or delivery becomes high-risk. Your midwife then plays a “middle woman” role.


Most insurance plans cover midwifery and some licensed midwife (home birth) services. Medicaid covers certified nurse-midwife care in all 50 states, according to the ACMN.

Using a midwife can be a safe alternative to conventional prenatal care. If you’re having a healthy pregnancy, and the midwifery philosophy aligns with your personal priorities, choose the services of a midwife and enjoy a beautiful delivery! Reid OB/GYN has recently added a certified nurse midwife to their team, Kirsti James, APN,CNM. Please call (765) 962-9541 for more information.

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