Installation Of Air Conditioning Unit


When selecting the right air conditioning unit for your home, consider various options before making a final decision. There are permanent models, as well as portable air conditioning units that you may use to cool your house. The small window models are easier to install than a large unit, which may require the help of a professional.

Installation Of A Window Air Conditioning Unit

When you have purchase the right air conditioning unit, remove it from the box and follow the installation instructions. Your new air conditioning unit should include mounting hardware, which will need to be attached to your window.

If mounting hardware is installed incorrectly then the air conditioning unit may fall from the window and cause damage to whatever lies in it's path. To get more information about air conditioning unit, you can visit

Now, you are ready to place the air conditioning unit into place. Open the window to allow your room to place the AC unit.It may be a good idea to have someone help you during this step, in order to hold the window open and to allow you the convenience of an extra pair of hands should the unit be difficult to balance during installation.

Pull out the extensions, which should be located on the side of the unit, in order to close the openings between the unit and each side of the window. Once everything is in place, secure each extension to the sash according to the instructions.

Before wrapping up, look for a foam strip that should be included with your air conditioning unit. This product is used to fill the air gap in the window. As you finalize the installation, make sure that the air conditioning unit is secured in position using it's mounting brackets and plug in the unit once you have completed every step as outlined in the owner's manual.

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