Solutions To Men’s Health Issues

No men are different and their health issues are pretty much the same all around the world, other than any sever condition: 

1) Men in many cases are reluctant to see a health professional so they could miss out on chances to improve their health and prevent illness.

2) Delaying seeking medical advice will often turn a relatively minor health problem right into a much more serious concern.

3) Men get much less active encouragement to use health services than women. Some health centers offer men's-specific health checks, but there could be additional of them. I will suggest here that one should browse to get more details on men health and fitness.

4) In a survey of GPs, men had fewer tests and investigations, received less health advice than women, and therefore have less chance to create a relationship making use of their doctor or nurse.

5) Men will find it hard to fairly share physical discomfort or emotional distress.

6) Research indicates that men don't live so long as women and are more at risk of accidents, injuries, suicide and some illnesses.

7) Statistically, men of lower socio-economic status, and men who live alone, have significantly more health problems.

8) Not to mention the statistics on smoking, drinking and obesity.

What can we do about these issues?

Clearly men don't like being told what to do, particularly about men's health issues. And the current prescriptive climate amongst medical practitioners needs to be recognized as a contributing factor to the reluctance for men to seek medical advice. 

Why visit a doctor who has only 15 minutes to spend with you, nowhere near long enough to start talking about the real issues, when past experience tells us that all we'll get is a prescription to ease the symptoms.

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