Is There A Risk Of Water Birth?

Some facilities will not allow women to give birth in the water if their membranes have ruptured. This policy doesn't follow current evidence as there isn't evidence to show an increased risk of infection with or without ruptured membranes.

Research dating back to the 1960s dispels the myth that waterbirth is dangerous with regards to infection. Dr. Siegel carried out an experiment on it.

In the experiment, he put clean and sterile cotton tampons into 30 women, asking them to bath in iodinated water a minimum of fifteen minutes.  If you are living in Los Angeles you can find best midwife Los Angeles.

When all the tampons were removed, there was clearly no iodine present. His conclusion declares, "We are now able to stop limiting women from bathing in the later stages of pregnancy and labour.



French obstetrician and leader in waterbirth, Doctor Michel Odent, reported no attacks, regardless of intact or ruptured membranes (waters) during a study on waterbirth. It's important to keep in mind all choices have benefits and risks – including other varieties of labor pain relief.

However, there's no current evidence to support concerns over infection during a waterbirth when proper sterilization policies are followed in birthing facilities. Also, unlike various other forms of labor pain relief, waterbirth is not associated with lower Apgar scores or other negative effects on newborns.

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