Using Water in Labor


Water: a life-saving mix of sustenance and comfort. We drink water, use it in our cooking, clean our clothes and dishes with it — and now we are even having our babies in it. While actual birthing in water happens infrequently, using water during labor is a universal experience.

It can help women feel more comfortable with the contractions and help the uterus relax, thereby lessening their pain. When women who have used water in labor speak about it afterward, they talk in tones of relief, using words such as "it felt so much better," You can also visit at to gather more information about home birth.



"I couldn't believe the difference," and "I wish I had gotten in the tub sooner." While women having hospital births are, in most parts of the country, unable to immerse themselves during labor or birth, they can still utilize the benefits of water in a variety of ways.

Something as simple as a washcloth can be transformed into a representation of love and admiration as a woman works so hard to birth her baby.

When a husband holds a cold, wet cloth to his wife's forehead, she knows that, in that moment, he understands the significance of her work. When her mother places yet another warm towel on her daughter's lower back, she says to her baby girl, "I remember."


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