Why Switch to All Natural Cosmetics?

The human skin wraps and shields our bodies. It constitutes a living, dynamic tissue system. It has the exceptional ability to absorb applied products, partially or completely, into the bloodstream. 

These new thoughts of how the skin functions reveal concerns about the possible long-term effects due to the mixture of chemicals used in cosmetics often termed the "chemical cocktail effect". Several chemicals which are used in common, popular cosmetics are known irritants and carcinogens.Not only you should care for your own skin but also prefer to buy Non- toxic cosmetic products for children.

Ingredients to Avoid 

Forms Found in Makeups and Possible Negative Side Effects


– Thought to contribute to Alzheimer's Disease.

– Found in almost all antiperspirants.

– Works by blocking pores so sweat cannot be released by the skin.

Artificial colours

– FD&C, derived from coal tar.

– For example, Azo dyes are a risk to asthmatics, eczema sufferers and people sensitive to aspirin.

– Causes hyperactivity in children, severe headaches, blurred vision and itchy/watery eyes and nose (Antczak, 2001).


– Benzoates Benzoic acid, sodium benzoate or para-hydroxybenzoate.

– Used as a chemical in cosmetics and fizzy drinks.Causes gastric irritation, numbing of the mouth and aggravates asthma (Antczak, 2001).

Certain essential oils

– Rosemary is harmful to epileptics.Sage is not recommended for pregnant women.


– Causes allergic reactions, irritating to eyes and dries out hair and skin (Fairley, 2001).

Dibutyl phthalate

– Found in all persons examined by the CDC (Center for Disease Control, USA) in a 2000 Fall study.

– Highest levels were found in women of reproductive age.

– Causes birth defects in animals, and damaging to the male reproductive system (ABC News, Internet Ventures 2000).

– Used in cosmetics to help the absorption of other ingredients.

Switching to all-natural cosmetic results and make-up can help you to avoid feeding your skin harmful chemicals. Many skin problems, such as acne, contact dermatitis, irritations, and allergies may disappear once petroleum or synthetic components are removed from your skin care regimen. Using fully natural products can provide healthy skin and a healthy body in the long term.

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