How Can I Easily Record Skype Video Calls?

Through this article I’m going to explain you how easy it is to record skype video calls with SuperTintin.

First, open skype and SuperTintin. At the lower right hand corner of SuperTintin there are options of recording modes, and the default is picture-in-picture.  In this place, I like to share some interesting best phone wallpapers and images for setting on your prepared device wallpaper.

·         Now let's see how it works.

·         We are gonna make a video call, and then click this red button to record.

·         Then click the same button again when you want to stop recording.

·         Recording That's simple.

·         Now let's see what it's like.

·         Double-click the last file in the list, its picture-in-picture by default Now you can change it to side by side.

·         And you can also record just you guest, the one you're calling, or you record only yourself.

·         Privacy, whatever, however you want to do this, you can record.

·         It gives you many flexible choices.

·         You can record just yourself, record your friend or record both of you.

·         And then the best part about this, say you are using SuperTintin for educational purposes, you can actually have separate files.

·         You can separate what I said into one file, and you can separate out what the other person said into another file.

·         So for example, for students wanting to review and practice speaking with their Chinese teacher, their English teacher, they can actually see just what they said.

·         Some lots of these advantages having in separate files.

It's pretty easy, right? Have fun with SuperTintin. We hope this article will useful to you and now you can easily record your Skype video calls. We frequently give more tips, guides, beautiful images, wallpapers and latest updates on daily. Now also you can browse 100 of galaxy background wallpapers. If you browse our provided link you can get galaxy background wallpapers, Samsung note 5, 6, 6 edge, 7, 7 edge and many more.




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