The Best Egypt Hotels for Luxury Honeymoon

Egypt is definitely one of the top destinations places for the luxury honeymoon or an interesting and enjoying vacation. The Egyptian culture has over six thousand many years of recorded history, which holds a lot of interest and mystery until now. If you want to make your vacation memorable, you can also try egypt cruise tours.

For people looking to celebrate the beginning of a marriage, below are a few of the greatest Egypt hotels for luxury honeymoon vacation:

The Mena House Oberoi, Cairo

Cairo, Egypt's capital city holds a lot of mystique. The Mena House Oberoi is one of the better places for an extravagance honeymoon because the hotel itself serves as a palatial. Established on a sprawling property of 40 acres of emerald green lawns, the hotel loves a rich and colorful record.

Al Baben Hotel

If you want to enjoy a remote and more relaxed luxury honeymoon vacation in Egypt, another great option is the Al Baben Hotel located nearby the Siwa Oasis. From your hotel, you can view the countless mud-brick properties, the temple of the Oracle of Amun, and your body of water that is clearly a striking comparison to the desert fine sand and dunes around the area.

Steigenberger Nile Palace

In the center of the historical area of Luxor, Egypt rests the Steigenberger Nile Palace where you can like a peaceful and enjoyable holiday while also enjoying one of the world's biggest ethnic treasures. Luxor is the website of the early city of Thebes and is named as the world's greatest open-air museum. 

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