How to choose Countertops for Kitchen?

The materials that covers your kitchen counters is one of the most obvious and noticeable features in your home. It helps to determine the design and color theme. If you have any further query regarding best countertops then you can Email: and expect the reply within 48 hours.

Today there are new choices in kitchen countertops, and old ones are making a comeback. Right here are a dozen counter top choices that you can consider:

Granite: This has been the most popular choice in recent times. Granite makes a strong, heat tolerant and marks resistant countertop. Its natural look is inherently beautiful; also it would make a strong statement. To lower the fee, tiles can be used rather than piece granite.

Pebble: Marble offers more color choices than granite, and is available in a variety of tile sizes, such as 16 times 16, or larger. Generally there are several surface coatings for marble – from shiny polished, to he honed, to rustic wheeled.

Soapstone: Soapstone is a very durable and non-porous rock with a matt surface finish; however the color is limited to grey/black.

Limestone: Numerous sorts of limestone, such as Jerusalem stone, are available. They may be too porous for the high use and food stain environment of a kitchen countertop. Frequent wrapping up may be necessary for maintenance.

Clear plastic slab: Plastic slab materials, such as Corian, is very difficult, easy to clean, and practical. It had been popular, but has lost prefer in recent years because of its created look.

Engineered Stone: Designed stone, such as Granite, is a slab materials manufactured from stone pieces kept together by epoxy plastic-type. This can be similar to Marble, but with quartz and other stone chips added for a more natural look.

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