Pick Right Type of Kayak for You

It is important that a beginner not invest too much money in a kayak until they get an idea of how much they plan to use it. A new kayak for recreational use can cost from $300 up to a $1000. It is best to start on the lower side of the range. You can always sell you kayak and get a better one in the future. You can buy Light Weight Surfboard Fins online.

Whether you are new to kayaking, or looking to expand your horizons, there are quite a few different types of kayaks to look in to. Depending on what kind of activity you want to do, there are different kayaks to meet your needs. You should take the type of sport you intend to participate in, as well as your own comfort into consideration when shopping for a kayak. They are divided into four general categories: leisure, fishing, surf play kayaks and kayaks for tour. Kayaks are made in many different materials and their styles differ significantly.

There are many different kayaking strokes but if you are just starting out there are basically three main strokes that you want to be concerned with the forward paddle, the reverse paddle and turning the kayak.

Learning these three strokes will get you just about any place you need to go. If you are tandem kayaking you can do these strokes together in order to achieve more power and faster speeds. Remember that the power behind your kayak will always come from your torso, not your arms or your shoulders. Focus on using your core muscles when you perform these strokes for optimum performance.

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