Blunders of PowerPoint Presentation

Microsoft PowerPoint is the software of high-quality for many when it approaches to making a presentation before students, employees, project team members and many more. As with other comparable presentation packages, it offers many appropriate features and purposes. The limitation is that in all too many presentations, the technology takes middle stage, moving the presenter to the role of supportive act. You can ‘click here’ (also known as ‘cliquez ic’ in French language) to learn more tips about PowerPoint presentations.

Here are my top seven PowerPoint displeasures and what we can acquire from each of these to advance our own performance.

1. Not expressing the participants the purpose of the session 

From one slide to the following, one have little to no knowledge of where the presentation is going. Eliminate the predicting game by letting your hearers know the purpose of your session and how you design to achieve it.

2. Overindulging participants with information 

Beginner presenters often suffer the deception that some content is good, so more is better. Relief your participants from eye strain and to stay attentive by using sufficient of white space and font sizes large enough to read from the back row. Add to your slides tables, charts and other illustrations that will aid appreciate your message.

3. Avoiding personal communication with the audience 

Some announcers display uneasiness in revealing their qualities. Reaching the presenter's words and reading them at the same time not only reduces learning, it robs the demonstration of the anchor's personality. So, use adequate eye contact and generate curiosity with your voice and body language.


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