How a strip-cut paper shredder works

Strip-cut paper shredders are the original type of paper shredders. They cut the paper in one direction into approximately 50 strips depending on the make of the device. They all effectively work the same but the difference is in the volume of papers that they can shred at once and the speed that they can shred at.

Strip-cut paper shredders are best suited to environments where large volumes of documents need to be destroyed. As they are the fastest way to shred documents and generally can handle much larger volumes than cross-cut paper shredders. The large volumes also help increase the security of the shredding as the documents become mixed it is harder to put the original document back together.

Documents shredded by a strip-cut paper shredder are possible to be put back in place, so it is important to dispose of the contents regularly which increases the difficulty of someone putting them back together. Their large capacity however make it the most economical way to destroy confidential goods. But this should be taken into account when disposing of them.

So it becomes clear that a strip-cut shredder is a great shredding device for people and organisations that are undertaking a large amount of document shredding on a regular basis. If not undertaking a large amount of shredding it is still a good disposal tool, but more care needs to be taken when throwing out the shredded documents to avoid them being put back together.

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