Natural Facial Masks For All Skin Types

The beauty of using organic or natural ingredients for your facial masks is that they do not strip your skin of the natural oils it produces all by itself already. Most conventional skincare products that use synthetic chemicals to "help" your skin are more likely to damage your skin rather than care for it. Crazy, isn't it?

Products that substitute healthy skin for a brief period of soft skin with the cocktail of chemicals infused in the mixture to make it foam and add fragrance makes for unhappy skin and bank balance. Face it, buying facial masks are expensive and once you start using them you have to continue to achieve the same results.The good news is you don't have to fork out that much when you use what nature has already given us – food! Read on to discover easy ways to nourish and care for your skin the natural way using foods like honey, avocado, banana and a few more. Visit and look for facial mask for kids online.

To find out what type of skin you have, wash your face and dry with a clean towel. Wait for about 30 min. Remember to wash your hands before touching your face. Use a piece of rice paper and drape it over your skin. If the paper sticks in multiple places you have oily skin, if it sticks only to your T zone (your forehead and nose area) you have a combination skin and if it does not stick you have dry skin. 

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