Tips for Choosing Damp Specialists

When choosing a damp proofing company the first thing you should know is, there are no quick fix solutions.  You may have been told ‘It can all be done from outside’  ‘It will only take a day’ or ‘It doesn’t need re-plastering’ but unfortunately none of these are true. The truth is if your property has ‘rising damp’ the only way to treat it is properly.  If you are interested in flat roof solutions there are many solutions available to you as a consumer.

It will bring with it other problems like hygroscopic salt contamination which deposits in the wall plaster, or wood rotting fungi which will rot the flooring and joinery timbers which are in contact with the damp walls.  No magic one day ‘Damp Proofing fix’ can possibly deal with any of these problems and if you don’t do it right we advise you save your money and don’t do it at all.

Rising damp is more common in older properties and is usually caused by the walls either not being built with a damp proof course (DPC) or an existing DPC breaking down. The latter can be for several reasons; maybe its slate which degrades and breaks with normal movement over the years or it may have been bridged by high external ground levels or concrete floors that have been installed too high. 

Damp rises up the wall by capillary action and can sometimes rise as high as 1.5 meters.  Because the source of the moisture is from the ground it brings with it hygroscopic salts which deposit in the masonry and wall plaster, so no matter how effective your new damp proof course is, the plaster will never dry out. 

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